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I've been here since July and I am still not working. It's very upsetting. I wanted so much to live here and work here, but that is not to be. I realized after job interview, after job interview it occurred to me that my skills and resume are good but allot of employers will hire their own before they hire you. Since I'm so new here no one really knows me. And employer told that was very true, also a few don't advertise it's just world of mouth. I was quite surprised by this. If you are not going to give it a good old try and hire some unfamiliar you may be getting someone great. If all works out that person tells another and so on and so on and so on. Over the years you could see some growth. It's not always best to stick to want you know, you have take that chance and look outside the box, but most employers aren't doing that. I see so much potential on this incredible island and no one wants to take that chance. But I can't get going especially this time of year and money is running out.  I have to say I gave it the good ol' college try by it just didn't work out for me...maybe another time. I was thinking maybe MV later on. But first I have to go back home and I sure am not looking forward to.  Nantucket was going to be the start of my new life. I know is promised by  I thought I would take a chance and see what would happen. I'm no risk tasker and this has not discouraged me from taking other risks.

One of these days a risk I take will work!.


So long and best wishes to all. I hope for only the best to all of you!

I will miss this Island so very much.





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I'm sorry to hear that.  Do you think you had a hard time because it's winter and there are not as many jobs on the island?  Perhaps the job market with change as we get closer to Spring/Summer?

When are you leaving?

I think the winter is more beautiful than the summer. I love the peace here and that feeling I get when I walk around and take in everything and think to myself, this is what life is....Simplicity. Well, I have to leave for 2 reasons, but I'm hoping to come back. Unfortunately, I had to go to court to evict a tenant in my home. He didn't feel he had to pay my house is heading towards foreclosure. In order to get modifications on my mortgage I have to live there. I can't lose my home. It's a duplex house and it's been in the family since early 1900's, also I had an accident and suffered a brain injury with incredible migraines and other nonsense. I applied for disability and have been approved. My doctor is at MGH so It would be better if I was closer to him. I've had to cancel too many appointments.  Not having a job here has been a very big problem, but I stuck it out longer than I though I could, I feel blessed to have experienced Nantucket living. Something I never ever thought I could attain, but I did.  I do what to come back here to live. I hope after receiving the modifications I can rent it out again for high rent and come back. Actually it's my son that is living in my house.  I gave him a great break in the rent and you know kids today they have that sense of he thought. Next week he will get evicted and pay me back rent. So I will leave next week for a few days and come back here for awhile. I'll be back and forth till April.

I've been gearing myself up to leave here, but the again I'll be back over the weekend or after the weekend. After April 15 (when my lease is up)  will be the time for me to go.....for now.  

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